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to Duncan's SuDoku Solver webpage.

Here you can download the latest version of the Solver as well as get your fix of the latest SuDoku puzzles.

I've tried to make the Solver useful and fun for all levels of ability - from the "average" newspaper Sudoku all the way up to the toughest SuDokus you might find on the net. So even if you are not interested in "Buried Triples", "Naked Quads", "X-Wings", "Jelly Fish" and the like, but just want a convenient way to solve your daily newspaper SuDoku puzzle without lots of scribbling and rubbing out - then this is the Solver for you.

Equally, if you DO want to analyse the most difficult SuDokus out there, then this Solver has all the Analyses to do it AND will present the information in the clearest and most easily understood way.

Combining these two approaches, of course, provides a great tool for bringing the casual user up to expert level.

The basic SuDoku Solver is free to download, but I do ask you to enter your email address to "register".

Latest News

Version 12.1 has new Analyses and a new MegaBook
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Knights Move Knights Move SuDoku now supported with Version 12.0
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Snyder Notation now supported
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New FREE Puzzle Book 'Cracking The Cryptic'
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SuDoku MegaBooks are now available.
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The Solver also handles Killer SuDokus.
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Enhanced Killer Analyses
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Sinclair Spectrum retro-gaming
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Capture Mode

Enter a new SuDoku from a newspaper or puzzle book, or download the latest SuDokus at the click of a button

Solve Mode

Solve the SuDoku yourself, entering solutions (big numbers) and possible solutions (small numbers).

Show Me Mode

Analyse the current position

Instant Mode

Immediately solve the SuDoku using the selected analyses

Step-by-step Mode

Solve the SuDoku one step at a time, allowing back-tracking

Custom Mode

Configure your own set of analyses and step through to a solution

Virtual Puzzle Book

Choose from an existing library of SuDokus graded by difficulty factor and add to it with your own favourites


Test your speed of solution against a par time for each SuDoku

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